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our bestfriend- aimi
Friday, 27 January 2012 | 0 comments

aimi amira :)

our bestfriend - me and the blog owner. kehkeh
she will be moved to other school -SBP
we do apply it too tapi tak dapat - me and the blog owner lah .
aimi, from us, we hope that you could face all the obstacles in your life ,just  believe one thing, everything happen has something behind. ALLAH is always with you.
we, from here, eventhough far away from you, always pray the best for you. 
good luck in the new school and new friends , dont forget us.

CAWAN, yang berisi kopi tetapi tiada gula tentu pahit untuk diminum
LAWAN, kalau tumbuk menumbuk memang sakit
KAWAN, macam mana pahit atau sakit yang dia buat dekat kita, dia tetap yang terbaik dalam hidup kita.

aimi, walaupun tak pernah jumpa kau, aku tahu kau baik kan? lalalala. :p  -n

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